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If your organization struggles with fundraising… you are not alone.  

Like many small nonprofits, you have a limited budget that makes it challenging to hire seasoned development staff. Even if you find someone who is terrific, they leave within a year or two. So you’ve decided to train people already in your organization, who are committed to the mission. Yet, when seeking training, you find current options tend to be expensive, transactional (a single class or course) and very theoretical.

Introducing…The Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

The Chicago Fundraising Accelerator is a highly customized training program, designed to develop your leadership team into a cohesive fundraising unit. We begin with a deep-dive into your existing operation thru a two-day boot camp, uncovering your best opportunities and building development plans around them.

We follow-up with ongoing, one-on-one coaching for your team, to build on your success and create a sustainable funding stream. This might include help with board development, creating a development plan, or if your organization is between development directors, a virtual director of development. Whatever you need to be successful.

No time for the boot camp? No problem. Individual coaching is always available when you need it!


“Attending the Chicago Fundraising Accelerator Boot Camp was a game-changer for our direct mail fundraising strategy…

…over 30% increase in annual fund revenue, and 40% increase in the average gift size in one year. .”

Beth Lye  |  Cara Chicago


Boot Camp Outcomes & Benefits:

At the end of the two-day Chicago Fundraising Accelerator Boot Camp you will leave with a tangible action plan and a stronger culture within your organization to support development. Outcomes and benefits include:

Revenue opportunities | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Using historical giving patterns of your donors, we identify your top revenue opportunities to focus on


Created a development plan around these opportunities 

Strategy | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Learn how to integrate a series of tactics and strategies within your existing staffing structure 

Measure success | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Understanding how to measure success beyond simply total dollars raised

Fundraising dashboard | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Create a dashboard to evaluate your progress

Team building | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Have completed team-building within your organization and promoting a culture of philanthropy

Peer learning | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Participate in peer learning with other organizations, so you can learn from one another

Fundraising success | Chicago Fundraising Accelerator

Coaching sessions held after the Boot Camp are immediately beneficial. No ramp-up time needed. We know your organization!

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